The company focuses on manufacturing precision components, and the products are widely used in telecommunications, medical, automotive, aerospace, new energy and other industries. The company is good at producing complex structures and precision components and the company significantly invested in research and development. The short lead time, perfect quality control system and low-cost supply chain are our core competitiveness. We provide either ODM or OEM services, meanwhile we provide customers value-added services with our rich experience and strict quality control system. We can use our professional skills to promote our customers’ values.

The company has 24 high precision CNC machines, 10 of them are Japan FANUC machines (FANUC ROBODILL alpha D14MiA), others are China top brand, Beijing Jingdiao machines(JDLVM - 600). Its maximum processing range is 600 x 400 x 400mm, and the accuracy is within 0.01 mm. In addition, it is equipped with slow-feeding wire cut machine, precision grinder and other related equipment. Detecting instruments are projector, tool microscope, digimatic micrometer, roughness tester, height gauge, inside diameter micrometer and other normal measuring instruments. The sophisticated testing equipment and strict quality control process can ensure stability and reliability of product quality. The company is mainly engaged in processing of various precision metal parts, such as aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel etc. (ODM or OEM). Stable and reliable products and services are provided to customer through our strict quality control process.



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