The company holding a number of proprietary technologies is identified as a high-tech enterprise by the state, and is a key enterprise technology center in Zhuhai City.

Production Management


The company covers a total area of over 30,000 square meters and achieves scientific, standardized and intelligent management and control in each aspect of production by using advanced technology such as ERP system and management methods such as 6S field management.

The quality system


The company carries out product development, production, inspection, after-sales service and other related work in accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System, and strictly implements quality standards and management and control systems from material inspection to manufacturing process control and from product assembly to product delivery. The product manufacturing and inspection are conducted in strict accordance with the national standards and the industry standards.


High-tech enterprise


The company has won the titles of the certificate of national high-tech enterprise, identification of Zhuhai key enterprise technology center and innovative little giant top ten private enterprises in Doumen district. It also has obtained ISO9000, TS16949 and other certifications as well as qualification of electroplating waste water treatment. Now it is preparing the environmental management system certification.